​Know-How for the international market

Restoration of a nuclear site is a long and complex process, which requires multi-disciplinary competences and innovative technologies.
Sogin staff, highly qualified and continuously re-trained, is competing on the international market of nuclear site restoration with the support of the best methodologies and technologies.
On the basis of a well-established experience in the sector, Sogin can provides services in the field of nuclear installation decommissioning, including:
Complex project Management
  • Nuclear site restoration overall plans
  • Nuclear site restoration procedures
  • Radioactive waste management plans
  • Decommissioning costs structure setup and assessment
  • Radiological characterization programs planning and optimization
  • Licensing support
Environmental, workers and public protection
  • Nuclear site qualification and characterization
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Radioprotection programs
Engineering services
  • Conceptual and preliminary designs for licence applications
  • System engineering
  • Technical Specifications for equipment and service procurement
In field services
  • Plant radioactivity inventory quantification
  • Civil structures and plant system decontamination and dismantling
  • Optimization and operation of mechanical decontamination of metallic materials (e.g. sand blasting and other blasting systems)
Special project examples
  • Design, construction and operation of special ad-hoc machines, equipment and systems
  • Cementation system design for high level liquid waste
  • Mobile cementation plant for alpha emitters bearing liquid waste (SICOMOR)
  • Design, construction and operation of a radioactive sludge extraction and treatment plant
  • Design, construction and operation of a “bunkered” high technology Tank Park for high level liquid waste


Our presence abroad

The recognized value of our know-how has enabled Sogin to carry out activities in Russia (especially in Kola, Kalinin, Beloyarsk and Bilibino), Armenia (at the Metsamor plant), Kazakhstan (at the Aktau plant), the Ukraine (at the Knmelnitsky and Rovno plants), China, France (at the Phenix plant) and at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Varese) as part of environmental remediation, management of radioactive waste and improving nuclear safety. In addition, projects have been completed in Slovakia (at the Bohunice and Mochovce plants), the Czech Republic (at the Dukovany and Temelin plants), Romania (at the Cernavoda plant), Bulgaria (at the Kozloduy plant and on a plant under construction in Belene) and in Lithuania (at the Ignalina plant).

Since 2005, Sogin coordinates the activities foreseen in the agreement  signed by the Italian Government  with the Russian Federation within the Global Partnership programme. In particular, the agreement concerns the dismantling of Russian nuclear submarines and the disposal of radioactive waste in safe conditions.

International recognition in the field of environmental remediation of nuclear installations and the management and implementation of safety measures for radioactive waste makes Sogin an efficient, reliable and competitive global player.

The Eastern European countries where Sogin has realized collaboration projects