Interim storage facility D2

​​Status: Completed 
Period: 2011-2015

Works for the implementation of the interim storage facility D2 started in 2011. The interim storage facility is intended to store the radioactive low/medium-activity waste which is currently stored in Building 2300 and in other buffer zones of the site.

The interim storage facility , designed in compliance with the best international standards, has a total volume of 25,000 cubic metres, including a handling area, technical and logistical services and free aisles to enable the complete inspection of the materials. 

The facility will house approx. 2,500 cubic metres of low/medium-activity conditioned radioactive waste resulting from previous and future activities.

The facility, completed in 2015, received an Operational License in March 2019.

In July 2019 the program for the storage of waste in the D2 depot was started, so as to further increase the safety level of the storage of solid radioactive waste at the Saluggia site.

In particular, in the first quarter of 2020, the first phase of the transfer in maximum safety of approximately 200 cubic meters of conditioned radioactive waste, ended. These equal to 456 overpacks, each of 423 liters , inserted in anti-overturning cages.