Creation of the New Electricity Sub-Station

Status: Completed 
Period: 2012-2015

The new sub-station for the transformation and supply of electricity to Saluggia plant, was created between 2012 and 2015, to supply the plants and repositories involved in the decommissioning programme and support the older sub-station built in the Seventies. 

The latter, in fact, was not sufficient to ensure long-term electric supply for the new facilities involved in decommissioning and safe maintenance of plants and systems. 

The implementation works involved several stages: design and construction of electric plants, installation of emergency generators, connection of the sub-station to the national electricity network. 

The structure presents the following technical features: three 2,000-kVA transformers – enabling the reduction of external power supply voltage from 15,000 to 400 V – and two emergency generators. 

In June 2018, the Ministry of Economic Development, after the positive outcomes of tests and analysis conducted by the Supervisory Authorities, issued a Decree to authorise the activation of the Sub-Station, entered into service on August 2018.