2030 Agenda

Sogin builds its strategic guidelines for national safety in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through past and present projects, the Group contributes to the fulfillment of 7 out 17 SDGs and confirms its future commitment. ​

Our contribution to sustainable development

​Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Ensuring health and well-being for everyone and for all ages is our priority. In fact, we promote safety as a value and as a practice among our internal and external stakeholders. We believe that the Organization must constantly mature on these issues and for this we adopt models and policies that make Quality, Environment and Safety a priority.


Providing quality, equal, and inclusive learning opportunities for all

As a public company, we are responsible for actively contributing to providing quality, equal, and inclusive learning opportunities for all. We deal with constant skill upgrading among our staff and promote specialized know-how on the decommissioning and management of radioactive waste in partnership with schools, universities, and research centers.


Guaranteeing water supply and facilities for all

We commit every day in a sustainable management of water, by reducing the impact of our operations. In this regard, we regularly carry out the radiological and traditional monitoring of the aquifers located under our sites and perform regular treatment to remove pollutants.


Promoting inclusive, safe, long-lasting, and sustainable cities and human settlements

Our contribution to this goal is linked to our local presence on the territory. We foster constant collaboration and support with local communities, to add value to the area.


Guaranteeing sustainable production and consumption models

Our sustainable production and consumption models feature circular economy principles in our processes, i.e., minimizing the waste generated, sending most of the materials resulting from the dismantling of Italian nuclear power plants (about 89%) for recovery, and lowering the use of single plastics.


Preserving and using oceans, seas, and marine resources in a permanent manner for a sustainable development

We foster the preservation and sustainable use of water and marine resources. Examples of this commitment are our reclamation activities performed under water to remove dangerous or contaminated substances and protect environment and pelagic species, or our campaigns to raise awareness on the marine ecosystem.


Protecting, restoring, and promoting a sustainable use of the land ecosystem

We carry out interventions to protect, restore, and promote a sustainable use of the land ecosystem, such as present and future restoration of the forestry and landscapes around our sites.