Recovery treatment and conditioning of Magnox residues

​​Status: Planned 
Period: 2021-2025

The project involves the implementation of a MAGNOX Plant, for the recovery, radiological characterisation, treatment and conditioning through cementation (grouting) of residual radioactive Magnox materials, currently stored in the “splitter pits”. 

The plant will consist of two separate buildings: the building for waste extraction, selection and radiological characterisation, and the building for waste treatment and conditioning. 

This low-activity radioactive waste results from the removal of “flaps” from the fuel elements, which is performed before the fuel is shipped abroad for reprocessing. 

The project involves emptying the 6 underground pits containing waste. These pits are located next to the irradiated fuel pool. After extraction, the waste will be stored in 220-litres tanks which will be later super-compacted and coated with cementitious materials within 440-litres “overpacks”. The overpacks will be stored in the temporary repository before being shipped to the National Repository. 

After being emptied, the six pits will be characterised and reclaimed.