Creation of a facility for the treatment of contaminated materials

​​Status: Ongoing 
Period: 2018-2020

The slightly contaminated metallic materials resulting from future decommissioning operations of the liquid active effluents treatment facility, the reclamation of the premises in the reactor building and the boiler demolition, will be treated in another facility, currently under construction. In this structure, contaminated metallic materials will be reduced in size through oxy-acetylene cutting heads and then decontaminated by high-pressure hydro lasers. 

The building, started in 2018, will be divided in two floors: the upper floor for the control room and technological systems; the lower one, containing a ventilation and filtration system, where all cutting, disassembly, decontamination and storage operations will be carried out.

The Facility will be supplied with an automatic cutting device (cutting robot) for easy recurring cuts and for high-thickness surfaces, such as the steam generators’ “external coat”. As far as complex surfaces are concerned (difficult to handle or out of reach for the robot), a manual cutting system is also provided. 

 The building foundations have been completed, while the vertical civil works are expected to be completed by 2019.