Dismantling of the turbine building

Status: Completed
Period: 2004-2013

During the operation period, the turbine building contained three 70-Mwe turbo-alternators to generate electric energy from the steam of the boiler in the primary circuit. At the end of the Nineties, the devices were emptied from lubricant oil and asbestos, thus starting the preliminary operation for the turbine dismantling. 

Between 2004 and 2006, turbo-alternators were dismantled and materials located in the area were removed. In 2007, the civil internal structures in reinforced concrete were dismantled and the devices were removed.

The operation led to the removal of 4,160 tonnes of metallic material, subsequently sent to recovery centres. In 2013, the building was demolished; this, produced about 1,500 tonnes of metallic material (steel, copper, aluminium) that was sent to the recovery facilities. As for the 14,400 tonnes of concrete waste, they were sent to licensed disposal facilities. 

The area of the turbine building was later occupied by a platform made of reinforced concrete and intended for the temporary storage of conventional materials resulting from dismantling activities.