Dismantling of the old liquid effluent treatment plant and construction of the new one

​​Status: Planned 
Period: 2020-2023

Between 2020 and 2021, a new plant will be implemented for the treatment of radioactive liquid effluents (ITEA) resulting from the decontamination of the components produced during decommissioning and washing of personal protection equipment of the staff. 

The plant will be created in front of the building that currently hosts the plant for active effluents that will be later dismantled in order to optimise the network of pipes for the discharge of effluents. 

The plant will consist in a building of 3 floors with a surface of 32x15.5 metres and 9 metres high. 

The plant will be used to treat radioactive effluents, through a combined process of evaporation and mechanical filtration. Unlike the old one, this new plant will be located above the ground level and it will significantly reduce the production of radioactive waste. A new evaporation system will be adopted to insulate the radioactive part of the waste and transform the conventional waste into steam. 

Between 2022 and 2023, the old plant will be dismantled after the implementation of the new one. 

The dismantling operations involve removing all storage tanks, processing systems and the ion exchange treatment plant, including the tanks for the storage of resins. Non-releasable materials will be stored in the site, while slightly contaminated materials will be decontaminated and cut to be later sent for recycling as conventional waste.