Reclamation KCFC pit

​​Status: Completed 
Period: 2016-2017

The underground repository, called “KCFC pit”, hosted 78 cemented tanks, with a capacity of 220 litres, containing the “KCFC” filters for treating the fuel pool water. 

The pit, designed and created at the end of the Seventies, has a volume of 45 cubic metres; it is divided in 4 compartments and covered by movable reinforced concrete bays. Reclamation activities involved the safe extraction of cemented tanks from the shielding pit, their packaging into overpack tanks and the transfer to the new interim storage facility. 

The tanks extraction involved, first, the creation of a metallic structure covered with metallic insulating (made of foamed polyurethane) panels to limit the working areas and protect them from weather events. 

The working area was provided with lifting and handling systems and a ventilation system. During the preliminary stages and the extraction stage, concrete shielding components were placed on the pit external edge to ensure proper protection from radiations. The works were completed at the end of 2017 and the waste produced was stored in the new interim storage facility.