Dismantling and upgrading of the water-sea circulation system

​​Status: Ongoing 
Period: 2011-2017

During the plant operation period, a specific system called “sea-water circulation system” was implemented to supply the plant with seawater for cooling operations and steam condensation, as well as for the discharge of liquid effluents. 

This system consists of a water intake structure located 700 metres from the coast and connected to the plant through submerged and underground pipes, supply and discharge channels and a basin for water intake. In 2011, the access pier in reinforced concrete, intended to perform maintenance works to the water intake facility, was dismantled. 

The dismantling process adopted the technique of “controlled crushing”, with no impacts on the environment. In 2014, the sea-water circulation system was adjusted and reduced, by removing previous and obsolete pumps, installing two latest pumps and creating two new delivery lines, one for each pump.

The dismantling operations of the old pumps resulted in the production of 214 tonnes of steel and 7.7 tonnes of copper; this material was sent to recovery and recycling facilities. In 2016, the seawater underground supply channels of the turbine building were partially dismantled, since they were interfering with the creation of a new plant for treating active effluents (ITEA). Such channels, or pipes, are 2.5 metres large and made of a 4-mm steel sheet coated with 20-cm double layer reinforced and vibrated concrete. In this case, steel was separated from concrete and sent to a specific facility for treatment and recovery.