Management dismantling and adjustment of the electrical system

​​Status: Completed 
Period: 2000-2019

TDuring the operation period, in case of interruptions in the power supply, the plant’s electric power system was ensured by three diesel 1,500-kWe generators. 

In 1993, the three generators were replaced by one diesel generator with lower power, 140 kWh, proportioned to the electric needs of the plant under passive security measures. In 2000, the service premises and the diesel room were reclaimed from asbestos, this resulted in 20 tonnes of material containing asbestos later disposed. 

The three generators were subsequently dismantled, with the production of 114 tonnes of metallic material sent to recovery and recycling centres. In order to meet the need of decommissioning and radioactive waste management activities, in 2016 the electric system was adapted with a new 1,250-kW diesel generator, which has passed all the tests and will enter into service upon reception of the authorisation on behalf of the Supervisory Authority.