Decommissioning Project

Dismantling of Glove Boxes (SaG)

The Glove Boxes (SaG) of the Plutonium plant (IPU) are confining spaces which, during the operations, where used to manipulate Plutonium for research activities aimed at the production of nuclear fuel elements.

“Waste A and B” Dismantling

The Project involves the dismantling of the underground collection system for radioactive effluents in OPEC-1, called “Waste A and B”.

Preliminary arrangements for IPU and OPEC decommissioning

This project entails performing preliminary arrangements for the decommissioning of IPU and OPEC plants. It especially involves the following: removing systems ..

Implementation of the OPEC-2 interim storage facility

OPEC-2 interim storage facility was created for the temporary storage of previous radioactive solid waste resulting from the activities of the Plutonium plant and from subsequent decommissioning

Liquid radioactive waste treatment and conditioning

The research activities conducted in the IPU plant produced less than 1 cubic metre of radioactive waste containing plutonium.

Implementation of a Waste Management Facility (WMF)

The project involves the implementation of a structure called Waste Management Facility (WMF), intended for the treatment of solid radioactive waste containing Plutonium.