Dismantling of Glove Boxes

State: Ongoing
Period: 2010-2021


The Glove Boxes (SaG) of the Plutonium plant (IPU) are confining spaces which, during the operations, where used to manipulate Plutonium for research activities aimed at the production of nuclear fuel elements. The 56 Glove Boxes are divided in four levels of complexity, related to size and content, and to the difficulties arising from decommissioning projects and operations.

This project, which is the most significant decommissioning activity, involves an initial stage of design and equipment supply (such as cutting machines,

Glove Boxes handling systems and alpha sealed containment curtains). The curtains are supplied with gloved tunnels that enable the Sogin staff to perform the external dismantling operations. The activities involve carrying out preliminary Glove Boxes reclamation, installing the dismantling system, handling and introducing the Glove Boxes in the containment curtain, dismantling the Glove Box and the curtain, and managing the resulted radioactive waste.

The first Glove Box was dismantled in 2010. From 2012 to 2014, after the reception of the authorisations from the Supervisory Authority, all remaining 1st and 2nd level Glove Boxes have been dismantled. In 2016, 3rd level Glove Boxes have been dismantled and works for the dismantling of 4th level Glove Boxes have been initiated; these works are more complex in terms of size and content, and they will be concluded by 2021 according to current plans. 51 Glove Boxes have been dismantled so far.