Preliminary arrangements for IPU and OPEC decommissioning

​​State: Ongoing 
Period: 2008-2021

This project entails performing preliminary arrangements for the decommissioning of IPU and OPEC plants. It especially involves the following: removing systems that cannot be used in decommissioning activities; requalifying existing premises for programmed dismantling; performing systems adaptation (i.e. ventilation, filtration, fireproofing and electrical systems).

The activities completed so far are the following: adaptation of the cylinder farm in the IPU fireproofing system; adaptation of electrical and fireproofing systems of the OPEC-1 interim storage facility; adaptation of supervisory and ventilation systems of IPU and OPEC-1 plants; implementation of a temporary storage area for conventional waste and the adaptation of the C-14 plant at the OPEC-1 depot for the management of disposable waste.