Management of Fuel and nuclear materials

​​During decommissioning, one of the most complex operations is the removal of irradiated fuel and nuclear materials, which are safely stored in the plant.
For the radiated fuel present in the Casaccia plant, dry storage in shielded metal containers (cask), suitable for both transport and storage in the National
Repository, is in the plan.
Nuclear materials located on site are safely stored within the plant to be later alienated or finally shipped to the National Repository.

In the period 2013-2014, Casaccia site took part in the GTRI (Global Threat Reduction Initiative) Programme; this programme, ratified between Italy and USA, aimed at the repatriation of the US nuclear materials sent to Italy for research in the Sixties. The project has involved the residual nuclear materials resulting from the scraps of previous operations; such materials need special devices to be treated (i.e. the Glove Boxes of the Plutonium Plant). The treatment and repackaging of nuclear materials were carried out at IPU through the implementation of a new area supplied with Glove Boxes. The area was built in the framework of national and international cooperation and in compliance with high security and safety standards.

This project allowed the repatriation of approx. 73 kg (among which 7.5 kg of Plutonium) of mixed oxides of Uranium and Plutonium (MOX) and 53 kg of Uranium. This initiative helped Italy advancing in the decommissioning process, since removing materials and irradiated fuel from the plant is fundamental for releasing sites free of radiological restraints.