Decommissioning Project

Dismantling of the Fuel Production Plant

The Fuel Production Plant was the heart of Bosco Marengo Plant. The facility, in fact, hosted the production of fuel tables.

Adaptation of premise B106 to Interim storage facility

Adaptation works for the premise B106, located within the building BLD1, have been launched in 2017. Upon completion of these works, the premise B106 will be able to host all radioactive waste of the site, before its shipment to the National Repository.

Adaptation of Fireproofing system and demolition of the former reservoir

In 2015, a new reservoir was created; in 2018 works were initiated to connect the reservoir to the fireproofing system.

Overpack extraordinary maintenance

In the period 2012-2013, an extraordinary maintenance campaign was conducted on 611 overpacks containing radioactive waste resulted from the plant previous operations.

Solid and liquid radioactive waste treatment

The plant activity resulted in the production of 390 220-litres tanks containing solid radioactive waste, in addition to 741 tanks resulted from the decommissioning operations of the period 2009-2018.