Radioactive waste management

​​Radioactive waste resulted from previous operations and decommissioning activities is temporarily stored in the site. Upon completion of the waste shipment to the National Repository, all interim storage facilities will be demolished. 

At the end of 2020, the volume of radioactive waste, classified according to the Decree of 7 August 2015, in the plant of Bosco Marengo amounts to 500 cubic metres. 

The volume can vary based on the year, the continuation of safe maintenance and decommissioning activities and the conditioning techniques for previous waste. ​

Amount (in cubic metres) of radioactive waste, divided by type, located in Bosco Marengo plant on 31/12/2020

Quantitativo (in metri cubi) dei rifiuti radioattivi, suddivisi per tipologia, presenti nell’impianto di Bosco Marengo al 31.12.2017

Short-lived substances Very Low LevelWaste Low level waste Intermediate Level Waste
High Level Waste

0 172 328 1 0
Totale 500
​​The site currently hosts radioactive waste in solid and, to a minimal extent, liquid form (approximately 0.7%, equal to 2.7 cubic meters).

For the safe storage of solid waste, the BLD11 building has been set up as a temporary buffer station, pending the entry into operation of the new B106 temporary repository, whose design features of the storage area are shown below. Of this solid waste, a part has already been treated and conditioned at the Nucleco facility, with the aim of reducing their volume through supercompaction, and subsequent conditioning.

Interim storage facility BLD11:
  • Volume of the storage area: 4,492 cubic metres
  • Maximum storage capacity: 490 cubic metres
  • Amount of stored waste: 378 cubic metres
  • Surface: 562 square metres
  • Type of stored waste: Low Level / Intermediate Level waste
New B106 temporary repository:
  • Volume of the storage area: 4,420 cubic metres
  • Maximum storage capacity: 525 cubic metres of radioactive waste
  • Surface: 568 square metres
  • Type of stored waste: Very Low Level / Low Level / Intermediate Level waste
Very low and low activity liquid waste is stored in safe conditions within the plant, pending the approval of the Operational Plan for their treatment and conditioning, which will be carried out at the Nucleco facility.

The overpacks produced by the waste treatment and conditioning processes, will return to the Bosco Marengo plant for temporary storage, pending their transfer to the National Repository.