​​To ensure environmental sustainability, all interventions are designed, implemented and monitored so as not to produce any impact, neither radiological nor conventional, on the environment. 

Sogin manages a complex environmental radiological surveillance network and monitors, with continuous and programmed checks, the quality of the air, soil, groundwater and water of the Rio Lovassina, as well as of the main local agricultural products. 

All the environmental radiological monitoring networks were established at the time of construction of the nuclear plants.

Every year, Sogin systematically carries out hundreds of measurements on the food and environmental matrices that constitute the environmental monitoring network. ARPA Piemonte carries out similar monitoring and surveillance activities with its own network. 

The results of the analyses and the values of the discharge formulas have always confirmed radiologically insignificant environmental impacts. The monitoring results are sent to the Italian nuclear safety Authority and made public, also through our Sustainability Report​.