Dismantling of the Fuel Production Plant

Status: completed
Period: 2009-2018

The Fuel Production Plant was the heart of Bosco Marengo Plant. 
The facility, in fact, housed the production of fuel tables. In 2009, after receiving the Decommissioning Authorisation (Ministerial Decree 27 November 2008), Sogin initiated the plant decommissioning. 

Dismantling activities of the Fuel Production Plant were completed in 2011.
From 2012 to 2018, the auxiliary systems of the plant (ventilation system, decontamination tank and drainage systems for radioactive liquid effluents) have been dismantled. 

The operations involved the use of wet and dry decontamination techniques (Shot Peening) and resulted in approx. 376 tonnes of metallic material which was removed from the site free of radiological risks.

 The material was sent for smelting with other metallic materials in order to be recovered and reused.