Dismantling of the turbines building

Status: ongoing 
Period: 2003-2021 

The turbine building, divided in three levels and covered by an external metallic structure, previously housed the secondary plant system to transform heat into electric energy. Between 2003 and 2004, the turbines were dismantled; the resulting materials were, thus, characterised, removed from the site as conventional waste, and sent to recovery facilities.
Some systems of the site, necessary in decommissioning operations, are still operational.
Dismantling operations presented a sufficient degree of complexity, due to the hardiness of dismantled materials and the high amount of iron and steel resulted from decommissioning. In 2018, a project for the partial dismantling of the building was launched; it involved the reduction of the structure from 27 to 8 metres in height. This is a very complex operation, which will result in an earlier dismantling of the building and lower maintenance costs.
Preliminary works for the handling of equipment and the radiochemical characterisation of materials were carried out to ensure the site was free of radiological restrictions and asbestos-containing materials. The partial demolition of the structures, planned in 2021, will be implemented in conditions of maximum safety, through the “controlled crushing” of the structures, which will significantly affect the site’s skyline. The tendering procedures for the implementation of civil and electro-mechanical works are currently ongoing.