Adaptation of interim storage facilities

Status: planned 
Period: 2012-2022

There are two interim storage facilities for radioactive waste in the plant, called interim storage facility 1 and 2 and a temporary buffer, the test tank, which host all previous waste of the site within different types of tanks.

Restoration actions are planned for the two facilities, aiming at optimising the storage space and allowing the storage of additional waste resulting from decommissioning operations.

Beyond civil and plant restoration, from 2012 campaigns have been launched to treat and repack radioactive waste and send it to the National Repository. In 2018, preliminary operations for the adaptation of interim facility 2 were carried out and 300 overpacks (380 litres each) were transferred to the buffer Test Tank. By 2019, the tendering process for the adaptation of interim facility 2 will be launched; its completion is expected by 2022.

Upon completion of adaptation works in interim facility 2, it will be possible to move the radioactive waste contained in the Task Tank to the interim facility 1. As for the adaptation of interim facility 1, it may not be necessary in case of a shift of strategy for radioactive waste, which will be mostly sent to smelting.

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