Restoration and dismantling of turbine building systems

Status: Ongoing
Period: 2016-2020


The Turbine Building houses the systems and components, that, during the operation period of the plant, were used to transform the thermal energy resulted from the nuclear reaction in electric energy. The turbine building thus contains the turbo-generator and all the parts of the thermal cycle. With its 1,800 tons (400 for rotor and alternator, 450 for the condenser and 950 for the turbine) the turbine system of the plant is the biggest component of the thermal cycle. In 2016 the preliminary activities for the dismantling and restoration of the auxiliary systems of the building were carried out. The dismantling, cutting, removal and recycling operations of the rotor and stator of the turbine alternator were concluded in 2018. The 105-tons cylindrical rotor - made of iron and copper – was removed and divided in two sections with a diamond wire. Subsequently, the 296-tonnes alternator – made of iron, copper and plastic – was removed and cut after the removal of the asbestos. The turbine dismantling operations will follow in 2019 and the dismantling completion is expected by 2020.


Turbine building before the dismantling of the alternator​