Realisation of a new radioactive liquid effluent treatment system (Radwaste)

​​Status: Ongoing 
Period: 2014-2020

The drainage works for the floors of classified areas, laundries of radioprotection devices and activities involved in the surveillance procedures, produce radioactive liquid wastewater which has to be monitored and treated to be discharged in compliance with the limitations set out in nuclear regulations, and according to the release method of the plant.

In place of the system used during the operation period of the plant, a new treatment system for radioactive liquid effluents has been designed and approved before obtaining the authorisation for decommissioning (Ministerial Decree of 28 September 2012). The project was presented to the Ministry of Economic Development within the scope of the priorities to be implemented for decommissioning, as provided in art. 24 of Legislative Decree 1 of 2012, approved in July 2012 on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The activities to implement the new system and, at the same time, the dismantling and reclamation of the premises and components housing the old radwaste, are currently ongoing. The new treatment system for liquid wastewater involves a drying and evaporation system which allows a reduction in the radioactive liquid waste production.

The drying/evaporation facility with the new storage tanks for wastewater to treat and discharge after the evaporation process, have been created and delivered to the facility; meanwhile, the arrangement works on the premises to place such tanks and systems are currently ongoing. After the installation of the system, it will be tested and an authorisation for its use will be requested to ISIN.