Quality, environment and safety

Sogin developed an integrated management system based on international standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, and UNI ISO 45001 to manage corporate processes by fostering quality, environmental protection, and health. 

In compliance with the IAEA GSR Safety standard Part 2 “Leadership and Management for Safety”, Sogin’s Integrate Management System aims to ensure that any corporate operations are carried out by ensuring the safety of workers and citizens, as well as environmental protection, and attention to the next generations, all with an eye on maintaining active communication with its stakeholders. 

Said Integrate Management System runs across the scope of certified Sites and applies to:
  • Nuclear, environmental, and energy engineering and supply services provided by third parties; 
  • Design and implementation of decommissioning operations on Nuclear Power Plants and other facilities of the nuclear fuel cycle (a complete list of the sites is provided in the three certifications of the schemes); 
  • Ideation and supply of training courses on radiological protection and nuclear safety. 

The company also adopts the Integrated Management System to monitor and evaluate significant safety and environmental aspects, both direct and indirect, including those in charge of third parties, in line with the applicable corporate and national regulations. Said operations aim to improve the ability to cope with radiological and/or traditional emergencies and the nuclear life-cycle, by assessing risks and opportunities of each process.


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Our Quality, Environment, and Safety Policy aims to maintain consistency among corporate processes and ensure their contribution to achieving the corporate mission and goals. 

In addition to that, Sogin launched the procedures for EMAS registration in line with the EC 1221/2009 Regulation. The first registered Site was Caorso Nuclear Power Plant, followed by Trino Nuclear Power Plant and Saluggia EUREX Plant. The registration of Rotondella Plant​ is still underway. 

Sogin adopts all necessary measures to ensure that internal staff and external partners work in compliance with the technical and legal provisions on decommissioning. 

Sogin promotes a regular dialogue with all stakeholders, aimed to develop operations complying with Quality requirements, environmental protection, health and safety of workers and citizens.

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