Quality environment and safety


The development of the decommissioning projects and the safe maintenance of the Sites represents for Sogin an objective, as well as an economic one, also connected to the protection of the environment in which the nuclear installations under management are present.

The correct performance of the decommissioning of nuclear installations, the dismantling of plants, equipment and systems, as well as the management of radioactive (and conventional) waste deriving, is in fact an essential element to guarantee the environmental protection of the sites concerned. ​​

UNI EN ISO 14001 certification and EMAS registrations


Sogin is certified according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001 from 2013 for the eight sites and for the Rome office, and has also started an EMAS registration process pursuant to EC Regulation 1221/2009 which initially involved the Caorso plant, then the Trino plant and then was extended to the EUREX plant in Saluggia, while the process to register the Rotondella plant is underway. 
This registration process will also include the National Repository and the Technology Park


The Environmental Management System

In order to comply with the provision and the regulation inspiring the above certifications, Sogin has therefore implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) and, based on its Environmental Policy, identifies the processes that, directly or indirectly, can interact with the environment, causing more or less significant impacts.

The identification of environmental aspects and the assessment of their relative significance are described in a specific Guideline which provides for the issuance of an Environmental Analysis, Context and Risk Assessment Report for each site/site, also in line with the Risk Management company For the management of significant environmental aspects, specific procedures are also prepared which identify responsibilities and methods of operational and surveillance control, as well as emergency management. 

The guiding principle of the EMS is that of continuous improvement and to this end internal audit activities and external audits/monitoring activities of legislative compliance in environmental matters contribute. ​​

Environmental surveillance networks

To ensure environmental sustainability, in all Sogin sites interventions are designed, implemented and monitored so as not to produce any impact, both radiological and conventional, on the environment. 

For each plant an articulated surveillance network is active that monitors, with continuous and programmed checks, the quality of the air, the ground, the groundwater and surface water, as well as the main agri-food products of the area: milk, fruit, vegetables and fodder. 

The results of the analyzes and the values of the discharge formulas have always confirmed radiological irrelevant environmental impacts. The monitoring results are also made public through our sustainability report. ​​

Environmental transparency

Through the RE.MO. (Monitoring Authority), established in 2016 in compliance with the requirements of the VIA environmental compatibility decrees, Sogin publishes data on environmental, conventional and radiological monitoring of nuclear plants, as well as information on the progress of decommissioning work. 

The portal is supplemented by the Sustainability Report and the Environmental Declarations for the EMAS registered facilities that are published on the sogin.it website, the numerous stakeholder engagement activities and the different moments of confrontation with the territories hosting the eight nuclear sites. ​​

Suppliers and environment

As part of the tender procedures and the Qualification System, Sogin assesses the environmental requirements of the Suppliers/Contractors, who must ensure compliance with the principles of its environmental policy, undertaking to put in place all the precautions and measures necessary to safeguard the environment.