Quality environment and safety


Sogin uses a Quality management system corresponding to the international standard UNI ISO 9001.

The Quality management system includes organizational and management aspects, which involve all personnel, and aims to guarantee the required Quality level to ensure a correct, efficient and safe execution of all company activities.

One of its fundamental aspects is the periodic verification, through audits and inspections, of compliance with the regulatory requirements required during the performance of the activities, including those brought by its suppliers.

Quality System Certification ISO 9001

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Process map

Due to the particularity of the activities that Sogin carries out, nuclear safety is ensured by the efficient management of company processes. Sogin therefore ensures the supervision of all areas of Quality, Environment, Safety and Security, 

The ethical correctness of the decisions taken and the sustainability of its actions. The main processes, and the sub-processes associated with them in the Integrated Management System, through which Sogin works to achieve its mission are represented in the map of business processes.

Quality Plan

Sogin ensures the correct planning and implementation of its dismantling activities with the preparation of specific Quality Plans for projects where authorization is required from the ISIN Control Authority. The activities of suppliers and/or contractors are carried out with the constant support and coordination of Sogin personnel. In particular, all of them are required to prepare and apply a Quality Plan, drawn up in compliance with ISO standards and IAEA Safety Standards to manage the activities entrusted to them.