Quality environment and safety


Sogin places strategic importance on the health and safety of the workers. In this sense the company promotes and consolidates the safety culture at all organizational levels. This occurs through the preparation of Guidelines, Procedures and Instructions with which the professional roles required by the Safety regulations are entrusted, the risks of work tasks and workplaces are identified and assessed, the necessary prevention and protection measures are implemented to reduce risks, injuries and occupational diseases. 

Occupational safety is integrated in the various processes such as, for example, the management of tenders where it is present from the design phase to the end of the work. Sogin guarantees information, education and training of workers through Radwaste Management School. Its training projects are aimed at promoting the culture of safety and the risks associated with it among all workers.

Sharing experiences is a fundamental tool for personal and business growth. It takes place using the integrated management system that guarantees the receipt of information by the coordination group which, based on the various problems, proposes and sets up common behaviors, procedures and systems. In this regard, during special meetings, the various experiences are shared to highlight the difficulties that have arisen and the relative possible improvements.

Injuries and Near Miss

The application of investigations for the analysis of accidents and “near misses” allows to identify the causes and the consequent improvement actions to prevent them from happening again. Accident statistics guarantee monitoring in terms of frequency and severity of accidents and near misses.

Improvement plan

Sogin annually defines the “Improvement plan for the health and safety of workers”. The implementation of the various activities envisaged by the Plan guarantees the improvement of company performance. ​