Our people

Sogin’s women and men are committed every day to achieve the corporate mission: to close the Italian nuclear cycle, dismantling 4 power plants and 5 nuclear plants with different engineering features that were not designed for subsequent decommissioning; managing radioactive waste, including those from industrial activities, nuclear medicine and research, and ensuring maximum safety for the population and the environment. 

It is a set of complex activities that require highly specialized professionalism: our people are a strategic factor. 71% of the skills possessed by 881 people of Sogin are attributable to the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). 

The corporate population, with an average age of 47, is made up of 20% women.


The numbers


Average age

Male/Female ratio
(629 Male/252 Female)

STEM expertise

Female STEM expertise


The management of human resources reflects the values and principles of our Code of Ethics and is aimed at enhancing the professional skills, both technical and managerial, and favoring development and growth paths. To this end, Sogin implements training and updating plans that are provided in consideration of the role, skills and potential of each resource with the aim of increasing its know-how and, at the same time, creating opportunities for comparison and exchange for the maximum dissemination of knowledge. 

The panorama of Sogin's professional fields is wide and varied, with a high rate of innovation. On the basis of organizational needs, Sogin selects dynamic and motivated young people, high school graduates with technical-scientific skills or university graduates, who contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives.



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