The ethical vision of Sogin, which follows from its public nature and the high technological, social and environmental value of its activities, is based on the values of sustainability and excellence and on the principles of the Code of Ethics.



understood as an effective recognition of the ethical and socio-environmental dimension and of the constant attention to safety that accompanies and integrates with the economic-financial profiles, typical of an industrial company.


intended as management consistent with its mission, its values and its objectives, effective, efficient, precise and transparent towards the various stakeholders.

Our principles

Health, safety, environment and quality

These are our priorities. Health, safety in all its aspects, environmental protection and quality assurance play a central role in the development of Sogin and its activities, with a view to constant improvement. Not only compliance with the rules and the highest standards, but shared culture inside and outside, both in Italy and abroad.

Legality, honesty and integrity

They guide the everyday strategic, organizational, managerial and executive choices. They do not mean only compliance with the rules and the highest ethical standards, but fundamental elements of the creation of medium-long term value and stable and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.

Dignity of the person, professional development and equal opportunities

They are the "how" we guarantee the maintenance and development of the know-how of our people. Nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management are complex activities that require medium-long term planning and, therefore, also the implementation of technical and management skills development initiatives. These principles also base the interpersonal relationships between all employees and between them and third parties.

Transparency of decision-making processes, policies and company procedures

It is the key element of strategic, organizational, managerial and executive choices. The transparency of the decision-making processes regards the corporate governance structure and is implemented in all the rules aimed at favoring the taking of complex decisions and qualifying not only the type of relationship existing between the government bodies and the other top managers, but also the one with all our stakeholders. The transparency of company policies and procedures concerns the methods of communication of decisions and the completeness and clarity of information.

Effectiveness, efficiency and cooperation

They are the "how" we carry out our mission. Effectiveness, understood as the organizational and management capacity to achieve planned objectives, and efficiency, understood as the achievement of objectives at the lowest possible cost, are also pursued to ensure the correct management of the company. Cooperation is a constant in all relations with the various subjects (institutions, supervisory authorities, employees, collaborators, suppliers or partners) who participate in an organic and structured way in the company mission.

Information, communication and involvement

They are the drivers that allow us to consolidate the relationship of mutual trust with our stakeholders. These principles take the form of organizational and managerial responsibilities aimed at constantly improving our ability to disseminate information on the Company's operations and to grasp the continuous evolution of the reference environment, optimizing company processes also relating to risk management.