Our professional profiles

For the maintenance in safety and decommissioning of nuclear plants and for the management of radioactive waste the profiles sought are mainly high schoool graduated technicians and university graduates, apprentices, junior and senior, in particular industrial experts and engineering graduates. These professional figures are included in the main work areas, in line with the sector regulations and the Operating Regulations in the context of the Operating License and in the External Emergency Plans of the plants, such as:

  • Plant Management, an area that carries out the technical-managerial, organizational, coordination and activity control functions;
  • Plant Control, which performs a function of supervision and management of the systems/components of the plant;
  • Chemistry and Health Physics, a field that includes the various activities related to operational health physics, plant chemistry and radiochemistry and environmental surveillance;
  • Maintenance, which performs a coordination function and carries out all maintenance activities on the systems/components;
  • Waste Treatment, which includes the various activities of managing nuclear materials, materials and waste produced both from previous operations of the plants and from dismantling works, aimed at storing them in temporary storage facilities present or, if considered releasable downstream of radiological controls, at their removal from the site;
  • Deactivation, which manages decommissioning implementation activities and the related technical surveillance on those entrusted to external companies;
  • Quality, Safety, Environment that deals with all aspects related to the integrated Quality, Safety and Environment management system, verifying compliance with international regulations and standards;
  • Emergency, which prevents the occurrence of an emergency.