Interim storage facilities adaptation

​​Status: Ongoing 
Period: 2019-2025

The project involves the adaptation of the three radioactive waste interim storage facilities of the Caorso nuclear power plant to the most modern safety standards.

ERSBA 1 and 2 (Low Activity Solid Waste Building 1 and 2) will be demolished and rebuilt; in the ERSMA (Medium Activity Solid Waste Building), instead, only internal parts of the building will be demolished. The three facilities will be supplied with new mechanical handling systems by installing bridge cranes. 

The ERSMA building will be especially freed from the hot cells containing the radioactive resins and sludges tanks previously stored in the facility. The adaptation activity is, therefore, connected to the Resins Treatment project

To this regard, in 2018, a new machine was installed in the ERSMA, which enables a remote control on the extraction of the radioactive tanks, including those that cannot be easily reached due to their condition or location. The machine will be removed from the site upon commencement of the adaptation works in ERSMA.

The dismantling works on the components of the reactor building will start after the completion of the Waste Management Facility within the turbine building and the adaptation of, at least, one interim storage facility. The operation has a total expected duration of 6 years (2019-2025).