Adaptation of the turbine building to temporary buffer and Waste Management Station

​​Status: Ongoing 
Period: 2017-2021

The project involves the implementation of temporary storage areas for radioactive waste (“buffer areas”); these areas will be used to free the existing temporary repositories from stored materials for adaptation purposes. 

The temporary repositories will be updated in terms of safety standards and by installing a Waste Management Facility aimed at compacting and cementing the waste resulted from the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant. The Waste Management Facility will work in concert with the Materials Management Facility, already located in the turbine building and operating since 2009. 

The operation involves two main stages

The first stage, concluded in June 2017, involved the adaptation of civil works, including the removal of resulted materials and plant interferences to implement the temporary storage areas for radioactive waste. 

The second stage, initiated in December 2017, involves plants adaptation. Below the Materials Management Facility, 4 areas are currently under implementation; these areas, intended for the temporary storage of conditioned radioactive waste, will be supplied with lifting, fireproofing, detection and radiation monitoring systems. 

Such buffer areas were designed to temporarily store conditioned products up to 2,000 cubic metres. In parallel with the implementation of the buffer areas, the Waste Management Facility is also implemented; this facility will also host a 1,500-tonnes super-compactor and two cementation facilities. 

The Waste Management Facility will enable a significant volume reduction of previous and decommissioning waste – especially resulting from the decommissioning of the reactor building – through super-compaction, and the conditioning of different kinds of waste through cementation. These operations will make the waste suitable to be stored in the National Repository

The operations have a total expected duration of 5 years (2017-2021).

S​uper-compactor installed in the Waste Management Facility.