Dismantling of auxiliary buildings

Status: in progress
Duration: 2021 - 2030 

The auxiliary building is, together with the reactor and turbine buildings, one of the main complexes of the nuclear power plant at Caorso.

It is divided into a classified area, i.e. a radiologically controlled area, and an uncontrolled area, where no radioactivity is present.

In the classified area there are, in addition to the rooms for controlled access, the treatment systems for radioactive waste, both liquid and solid (radwaste), and part of the fuel pond water purification and condensate treatment systems.

The uncontrolled area houses the control room, the air discharge monitoring system, the ventilation systems and the standard and emergency electrical systems. The dismantling of the auxiliary building systems is planned to be completed alongside the removal of the vessel and internals.

Some activities related to the project, including the dismantling of the MG- SET motor generators, have been internalised and are being carried out, thus contributing to the progress of the decommissioning activities.

The total planned duration of the activities is 9 years (2021-2030).