Dismantling of auxiliary buildings

​​Status: Planned 
Period: 2021-2030

The auxiliary building is one of the main complexes of Caorso nuclear power plant, and it consists of reactor buildings and turbine buildings. It is divided in a classified area, or radiation monitored area, and a non-controlled area, where there is no radioactivity. 

The classified area involves the following facilities: controlled access premises, radioactive waste (both solid and liquid -radwaste) treatment systems, part of the water purification systems of the pool and systems for the treatment of conditioned materials. 

The non-controlled area involves control room, monitoring system for aerial discharge, ventilation systems and normal/emergency electric system.

The dismantling of the systems in the auxiliary building is planned to be implemented concurrently with the vessel and internals removal. The operations have a total expected duration of 9 years (2021-2030).