Solid Waste Placement

Status: Ongoing
Period: 2001-2025

The SIRIS Project (Solid Waste Placement) involves the treatment of solid radioactive waste located in the ITREC plant. 

Between 2005 and 2011, 852 tanks of solid radioactive waste (in 21 containers) resulted from the plant safe maintenance, were characterised, treated and conditioned.

The operations were carried out within specifically-created cutting cells; treated containers were removed, and the areas were freed.

Within the framework of SIRIS Project, further characterisation, treatment and conditioning works have been performed on radioactive solid waste resulting from the plant safe maintenance and from preliminary decommissioning operations.

The SIRIS Project also involved completing the reclamation of premise 115, called “corridor”, from previously used materials and equipment which may be contaminated. 

The corridor is located above the process areas and the plant pool. Reclamation operations have involved: equipment disassembly and treatment; characterisation and conditioning of small and large components (the latter after a previous reduction in size through mechanical operations); decontamination of walls and floors in concerned areas.