Focus on human resources

​​Employees’ know-how is the Sogin Group’s most important resource. To value it entails the development of expertise, the growth of specific features and the constant increase of self-awareness and of the adherence to company values..

The Sogin Group implements initiatives directed to the recognition and the growth of talent and the enhancement of diversity, for the full development of personal and professional expertise.

Enhancement of "talents"

The Sogin Group has defined two development paths for its potential high-achieving employees:
  • Senior Talent Path: employees with organizational responsibilities or management of complex projects whose development objectives consist of consolidating competences and multi project management and growth towards the Group’s leadership model and support for employee efficacy;
  • Junior Talent: less-experienced employees who are accompanied in their growth path by way of internal mentoring, experiential development and multifunctional projects.
A moment of Junior Talent

Enhancement of female competences

One of Sogin’s main objectives is the launch of inclusive policies and the initiation of programs and projects directed at the enhancement of gender diversity in the workplace. In recent years, in the area of professional growth policies, a strong boost has been given to female employees who have shown excellent technical competences and marked leadership traits. In particular, in the period from 2016 to 2018 three women from the front line were nominated for the first time in the history of the company. In addition, as a testament to the concrete attention placed on the enhancement of the contribution made by females, Sogin has been associated with ValoreD since 2018, an association with more than 160 member companies, which promotes gender equality and an inclusive culture for the growth of companies as well as of the nation.


According to what has been established by the norms in this area, Sogin and the Union Representation have stipulated an agreement which foresees the possibility of converting a share of the Productivity Result Award in terms of welfare goods and services. The amount converted in welfare goods and services does not constitute taxable income and is not subject to fiscal and social welfare deductions. In addition, Sogin puts forth an additional amount to be converted in welfare goods and services to the employees that adhere to NoiSoginWelfare.

Children in the office

Sogin adheres to family day "Children in the office with mom and dad", the company celebration dedicated to the employees' children, promoted by the Corriere della Sera/L’Economia, to allow children to get to know and experience first hand their parent’s workplace where they spend a substantial amount of their time.
A moment of "Children in the office with mom and dad"