Radwaste Management School


The Radwaste Management School is the training center of the Sogin Group and ensures high-level professional training, promoting managerial and technological innovation based on the experience and specialized know-how in the field of decommissioning and radioactive waste management. 

Founded in 2008, it is also open to professionals coming from institutions and companies and represents a reference point for safety management in industrial processes.

The RMS is part of the strategic assets for achieving the mission of Sogin and Nucleco. Nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management are, in fact, complex activities which develop over a long period of time and require strong expertise and multidisciplinary skills, encompassing civil engineering, design of large components, radiation protection and innovative technologies. 

The development of highly specialized know-how is part of the Sogin strategy to guarantee maximum safety and implement an integrated knowledge management, education and training system. This is done in the light of transferring skills to future operators and satisfying the increasing knowledge demand in the sector both at international and national level.




To train the resources of the Sogin Group, with particular attention to the safety, management of radioactive waste and nuclear fuel.

Knowledge Management

Ensure integration, enhancement and sharing of the knowledge management system


Dialogue with universities and training centers

New Excellences

Training the "operators of the future", for examples university and high school graduates in the disciplines related to decommissioning and radioactive waste management

School activities

The training programs of the Radwaste Management School (RMS) guarantee the best standards of innovation, focusing on safety and security specific issues for decommissioning and radioactive waste management. 

Furthermore, in order to meet mandatory requirements under the international laws, syllabuses are continuously updated.



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Thanks to the skills acquired and the experience gained, training programmes include several, both general and specialized, courses, in a number of  technical disciplines, such as nuclear plant technology or radiation protection. The courses of the RMS are especially tailored to basic preparation for the plant operation and  supervision certifications.

The School is also recognized by the National Nuclear Safety Authority (ISIN) as a qualified organization, in accordance with Article 58-ter of Italian Legislative Decree no. 101/2020, to provide specific training courses for the personnel of Sogin suppliers involved in nuclear decommissioning, safety maintenance and spent fuel and radioactive waste management. Since its foundation, the School has established partnerships with universities, scientific associations, research and development institutions, both at national and international level. Through this effort, several educational projects as workshops, seminars, specific degree courses and master's courses have been realized.​

School’s certifications
ISO 9001