References and partnerships


The Radwaste Management School (RMS) develops partnerships with accredited training institutions, universities, scientific associations, research and development organizations, also at international level, for the offer of specific training courses in the field of nuclear decommissioning, the safe management of waste materials produced by decommissioning operations, nuclear safety and radiation protection. 

The credits and partnerships of the School can be grouped into three main areas: national agreements in advanced learning; international training networks; relations with the stakeholders .

National agreements in advanced learning

The RMS participates in high-level teaching (seminars, masters, etc.) to prepare future technicians who will complete the operations to close the Italian nuclear cycle and manage radioactive waste. These educational activities also allow us to respond to the growing need for skills in this sector, also internationally, as many European nuclear plants are at the end of their lives and will soon enter the “permanent shut down” phase.



Main partnership


Partner since 2017, the Institute collaborates with the RMS in research, training and development of technological innovation for the prevention and protection of workers and the population in the decommissioning of nuclear plants and in the management of materials, sources and radioactive waste.

CIRTEN National Interuniversity Consortium for Nuclear Technology Research

Partner dal 2017, il Consorzio collabora con la RMS per supportare la formazione del Partner since 2017, the Consortium collaborates with the RMS to support the training of Sogin personnel in the field of nuclear safety and contribute to the carrying out of studies and research in the field of the correct management of sources and radioactive waste as well as the technological and engineering problems associated with decommissioning of nuclear plants and laboratories and management, treatment and confinement of radioactive waste.

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Partner since 2014, the Roman University and the RMS collaborate for the realization of an International Master's Degree in “Protection from CBRNe Events”.

“The Sapienza” University of Rome

Partner since 2014, the Roman University and the RMS collaborate for the realization of a first level Master on “Strategy Energy Management Systems SEMS”. Now in its second edition, the goal is the multidisciplinary preparation for the formation of a qualified professional figure in the planning, technical, economic and financial management of energy systems. A collaboration agreement was also signed with the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza in the context of nuclear site characterization activities and optimization of the reclamation strategy.

University of Eastern Piedmont

Partner since 2014, the Piedmontese University and the RMS have collaborated for the realisation of a first level Master in “Environmental Manager for the management of decommissioning and radioactive waste in health, industrial and research” for university graduates in science and business, institutions, professionals interested in exploring the issues concerning decommissioning and safety in the management of radioactive materials.

The master ended in February 2017.

“Aldo Moro” University of Bari

Partner since 2014, the Apulian University and the RMS have collaborated for the realization of a first level Master's degree on the “management of dangerous radioactive and industrial waste and environmental protection intervention techniques”.

The master ended in November 2018.

International training networks 

Sogin, through Radwaste Management School, develops a training network with leading international operators, confirming it as the leading Italian company in the foreign business linked to the closure of the nuclear power cycle. 

Internationally, the RMS has organized courses on the management of radioactive waste in emerging countries from the nuclear point of view, such as Vietnam, and on decommissioning and radioactive waste management activities, such as Taiwan. 

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the School has in fact organized in 2015 a workshop on the management of radioactive waste addressed to a delegation from Vietnam composed of members of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and of the Vietnamese Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM). Significant contributions to the course were provided by ISIN, CE (JRC-ISPRA), ENEA, Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Pisa. 

In 2016 a training course was held at a delegation of experts from Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) and Atomic Energy Council (AEC) to discuss in the field about the various managerial, engineering and technological challenges related to the Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) industry, similar to that of the Caorso nuclear power plant. 

The RMS has collaborated with the Milan Polytechnic for the provision in 2018 of a three-week course on the management of radioactive waste to representatives of the safety authority and nuclear operators of the Chinese Republic under the “Cooperation program for environmental protection” established between Italy and China. 

The School has also participated for several years in the International Summer School on Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management organized by the Joint Reserch Center - European Commission together with IAEA, University of Milan and Italian Radiation Protection Association (IRPA - AIRP). 

Following this participation, Sogin is a partner in the European ELINDER Project (European Learning Initiatives for Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation), sponsored by the European Union Joint Research Centers. The objective of this Project is to qualify the professionals who work in the field of decommissioning and waste management in disused European nuclear plants. RMS teachers are also involved in training programs sponsored by the European Union. In the past they have delivered specific courses in Kaunas in Lithuania on the following topics: “Overview of financing and securitization of funds for decommissioning and waste management” and “Completion of decommissioning and termination of license”.

Relations with the stakeholders

The RMS carries out training activities in the territories that host the nuclear plants being dismantled. In particular, he held specific courses for young graduates from the municipality of Caorso, the Basilicata Region and the Province of Vercelli. In Vercelli, the RMS has been involved since 2016 in the various annual editions of the TEES course (Technicians for the Environment, Energy and Security) organized by COVERFOP and financed with European funds. As part of the "School-Work Alternation" Project, RMS also participated in technical-scientific seminars in the Schools, close to the Sites, with which Sogin established specific agreements.

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