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Sogin is the State-owned company responsible for the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants and for the management of radioactive waste, including those produced by industrial, research and nuclear medicine activities. Activities are carried out to guarantee citizens' safety on a daily basis, safeguard the environment​ and protect future generations.

Entirely owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, Sogin operates according to the strategic guidelines of the Italian Government. 
In addition to the four Italian nuclear power plants of Trino (Vercelli), Caorso (Piacenza), Latina and Garigliano (Caserta) and the FN plant of Bosco Marengo (Alessandria), Sogin manages the decommissioning of the former fuel cycle research facilities: EUREX of Saluggia (Vercelli), OPEC and IPU of Casaccia (Rome) and ITREC of Rotondella (Matera). It is, therefore, committed to closing the entire Italian nuclear power cycle. With the 2018 Italian Budget Law, Sogin was entrusted with the decommissioning of the Ispra-1 reactor, located in the Joint Research Center (JRC) complex of Ispra (Varese).​​​​

Map of sites managed by the Sogin Group

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​​The Company has also the task of siting, designing, building and operating the National Repository, an environmental surface facility for the safe long term storage and disposal of all radioactive waste. On the same site of the National Repository, a Technology Park will be created: a research centre, open to international cooperation, where innovations in the fields of nuclear decommissioning, radioactive waste management and sustainable development will be generated.

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Sogin coordinates also the activities envisaged by the agreement stipulated between the Italian Government and the Russian Federation under the Global Partnership program. In particular, the agreement concerns the dismantling of Russian nuclear submarines and the management of radioactive waste and irradiated fuel. In addition to this important intergovernmental collaboration, Sogin has always been committed internationally, with two foreign offices in Moscow and Bratislava, on three areas:

  • Development of relationships and collaborations with international bodies and foreign, public and private operators, to favor the exchange of know-how applicable to the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants
  • Commercial development with the acquisition of projects, studies, consultancies and technical services on the dismantling of the plants, the management of radioactive waste, as well as on safety and radiation protection
  • Support to Italian institutions to comply with the provisions of international treaties and commitments
Sogin Group includes Nucleco, the subsidiary company engaged in the integrated management of waste and radioactive sources, in the decommissioning of nuclear installations and in the decontamination of industrial sites.

The concept of circular economy is inherent in Sogin's mission - the closure of the Italian nuclear cycle. In fact, it involves the progressive reduction of the environmental impact generated by the presence of nuclear sites, thus reducing the ecological footprint generated by human activity. As responsible for the  siting, designing, building and operating of the National Repository, Sogin is the bearer of a sustainable development model which, in addition to freeing the territories hosting the current facilities from radiological constraints, will allow the economic, social and environmental development of the territory that will host the new infrastructure.