Management Of Conventional Materials

As shown in the table, 48 thousand tons (70%) out of a total of about 68 thousand tons of materials – mainly consisting of concrete and metal components - resulting from the dismantling of Rotondella Plant will be recovered. A good example of circular economy in the Rotondella ITREC plant is the reuse of the area surrounding Pit 7.1 which, after the removal of the monolith, will be adapted to the process premise of the ICPF (Final Product Cementation Plant) without using further lands.
Moreover, as for other sites under decommissioning, the adaptation interventions carried out on premises and plants allowed to reuse existing buildings for decommissioning and radioactive waste management purposes, thus avoiding the construction of new buildings.
For example, the Laboratory for “Remanufactured Cells”, previously intended to remanufacture the fuel elements and never operated in the past, is now used to contain the cementation cell of the ICPF Plant, which serves as testing room for treatment and hosts training courses for the staff.
Economia circolare
Rotondella Nuclear Power Plant – Destination of materials