Sogin, the State owned Company responsible for the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants and the management of radioactive waste, has been designed to site, design, build and operate the National Repository and Technology Park.

The National Repository is a surface environmental infrastructure where radioactive waste can be safely disposed. Once constructed, the decommissioning of Italian nuclear plants can be completed and all radioactive waste, including that generated by nuclear medicine, industrial and research activities, will be appropriately managed.

The Technology Park, to be built along with the National Repository, will be conceived as a research centre open to international partnerships and equipped to carry out activities in the area of radioactive waste management and sustainable development, in agreement with the local communities.

The Repository is equipped with engineered barriers and natural barriers arranged in series, designed on the basis of international best practice and according to the latest IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) standards. It will permanently accommodate approximately 75,000 cubic metres of low and intermediate level short-lived waste, and temporarily store some 15,000 cubic metres of intermediate long-lived and high level waste.

The National Repository is expected to receive progressively an overall amount of about 90,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste, 60% of which deriving from nuclear plant decommissioning and the remaining 40% from scientific research, medical and industrial applications, including waste produced to date and that which is estimated to be generated over the next 50 years.

The transfer of radioactive waste to a national site will ensure safe, efficient and rational waste management, whilst enabling completion of nuclear plant decommissioning in compliance with European directives, as it will align Italy with countries that have had similar repositories in place for many years.

Download brochure "The National Repository and Technology Park" (.pdf)