Open Gate

Open Gate is the initiative of the Sogin Group, established in 2015, which opens the doors of the Italian nuclear plants being dismantled to citizens, families, associations, journalists and stakeholders.

To know the decommissioning activities by entering a nuclear plant, accompanied by the technicians who work there every day and experience the unique experience of retracing a piece of industrial history of the country: this is the spirit of Open Gate.

More than 9,000 people have so far entered the heart of the plants, discovering the cutting-edge technologies and processes that are used for their dismantling. From a questionnaire that Sogin proposed to visitors of the 2017 edition, great satisfaction for the project emerged: 92% of the participants considered the visit to be up to expectations, 95% gave a positive opinion on the reception and 99 % wished it would be replied.

The visits are organized every two years on a spring weekend and, thanks to the various itineraries offered, they also allow children aged 6 and over to participate. Registrations are exclusively online.​