Plastic Reduction

The Sogin Group has joined the “Plasticfree” Ministry of Environment Campaign, the initiative with which it has completely banned the use of plastic from its offices and, at the same time, invited companies and public administrations to do the same, so that they can be an example for citizens.

In December 2018, Sogin launched the Plastic Reduction initiative to raise awareness among Sogin and Nucleco staff about conscious use and reducing plastic. The first act of this project was the delivery to all staff of an eco-cup made of bamboo fiber, biodegradable and reusable.​ ​

​​Eco-cup of the Sogin Group
Eco-cup of the Sogin Group
It is a first incentive for employees to adopt more sustainable habits and another step towards minimizing waste, an objective that the Group pursues as part of its circular economy strategy for nuclear decommissioning.

Moreover in 2019 Open Gate, Sogin’s event to open the italian nuclear plants in decommissioning to the public, became a plastic free day to highlight Sogin’s commitment in sustainability. The third edition of Open Gate was held under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea. 

In 2019 a water bottle was delivered to all Sogin and Nucleco people, a small gesture for plastic reduction. Thus, during the twentieth anniversary of Sogin's birth, the Company's concrete commitment to the promotion of sustainable environmental habits was confirmed, as part of the circular economy strategy applied to nuclear decommissioning.