Transparency Table - Emilia-Romagna Region

28 April 2022
Today, the Caorso nuclear power plant (Piacenza) hosted the Transparency Table for decommissioning activities. The event, held in the Cinema Fox of Caorso, was organised by Irene Priolo, the Councillor for the Environment, Defence of the Land and the Coast, and civil protection of Emilia Romagna Region.

After the greetings of the Mayor of Caorso, Roberta Battaglia, Sogin, ISIN (National Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Inspectorate), and ARPAE (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Emilia-Romagna) took the floor. The event also involved the representatives of several municipalities of Southern Romagna, environmental associations, and trade unions.

During the meeting, Sogin management presented ongoing, and future dismantling and radioactive waste management activities carried out in the Piacenza plant, including the status of the authorisation procedures connected to the Environmental Compatibility Decree (VIA). Among the operations described, Sogin also highlighted the completion of the transfer plan of approximately 5,900 casks of resins and radioactive sludge to the Bohunice plant for treatment and conditioning, which occurred on 21 April. The end of the shipment programme will allow launching activities to align the temporary repository of radioactive waste ERSMA with the latest safety standards and complete those provided for the ERSBA 2 repository. In 2021, Sogin completed the civil works and the installation of gantries and continued working on the remaining plants.

After the morning event ended with some final observations provided by Councillor Priolo, a delegation visited the Caorso power plant.