Towards the National Workshop

03 August 2021

Sogin published today, in the newspapers with the most significant national and local circulation in the regions concerned by the CNAPI (National Charter of Potentially Suitable Areas), the notice of promotion of the National Workshop for the in-depth study of the technical aspects relating to the National Repository and Technology Park (under Article 27, par. 4 Legislative Decree no. 31/2010 and subsequent amendments and integrations).

The National Workshop represents the first moment of public discussion within the public consultation procedure concerning the siting of the National Repository and Technology Park. It is the first to be held in Italy on an infrastructure of national importance that will optimize the safe management of radioactive waste produced in our country, in analogy with other European countries.

Given the pandemic, to ensure the widest transparency and participation, the National Workshop will be held in digital, with live streaming. It will begin on 7 September 2021, with an opening plenary session, divided into working sessions, and ends on 24 November 2021, with a closing plenary session.

The Workshop will focus on the technical aspects of the project. The Company will also illustrate in-depth the aspects related to the safety of workers, population, and environment, and possible economic and territorial development benefits associated with the construction of the National Repository. The comments and the technical proposals sent to Sogin during the first phase of public Consultation that, as provided by the regulations, closed on 5 July, will also be discussed. The comments and technical proposals have been available since 16 July on the website

At the end of the National Workshop, stakeholders may send further comments and technical proposals within the next 30 days. The outcomes of the public Consultation, including the National Workshop, will be functional to the next stage of the localization procedure, the preparation of the CNAI (National Charter of Suitable Areas).