The Piemonte Region concludes the territorial sessions of the National Seminar

16 November 2021

The cycle of territorial sessions of the National Seminar on the location of the National Repository for radioactive waste ended today with the Piemonte Region. The Piemonte Region, in particular, is involved with 8 areas potentially suitable to host the facility, identified in the CNAPI (National Charter of Potentially Suitable Areas).

The works of the Piemonte Region session, moderated by Iolanda Romano, an expert in participatory processes and public debate, opened on the morning of Monday 15 November, with the institutional greetings of Matteo Marnati, Councillor for the Environment of the Piemonte Region, and Roberto Montà, Deputy Metropolitan Mayor of Turin, and continued the next day to give space to many stakeholders to intervene with their own contribution.

During the two days, many experts contributed, as in the other local sessions, with insights on various aspects related to the National Repository and Technology Park: Mario Dionisi, Technical Coordinator of the radioactive waste service, ISIN (National Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection), Nadia Cherubini, President of Nucleco, and Francesca Giacobbo, Professor of Migration of Radioactive Materials at the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano.

Angelo Paratore, Head of Technology Partnerships, Michele Rosati, Head of Site Qualification and Applied Geology, and Stefania Uras, Head of National Deposit and Technology Park Design, spoke on behalf of Sogin.

The session was attended by 36 stakeholders representing 42 subjects, such as authorities, municipalities, trade unions and various associations.

Fabio Chiaravalli, Director of the National Repository and Technology Park of Sogin, concluded the work of both days with a speech of analysis and comment on the comments received during the public consultation.

As in the other working sessions, there were also moments dedicated to answering questions received from the public through the mailbox and posed live by the moderator.

On the website it is possible to find the programs of the single sessions, the profiles of the speakers, the recordings of the past events, and the presentations illustrated by the intervening stakeholders. The next appointment is with the closing plenary session on 24 November 2021.