Tg1 news report on the Garigliano vessel

02 January 2024


The 1.30 p.m. edition of TG1-RAI news on Tuesday 2 January aired a report on the Garigliano site (in Sessa Aurunca, Caserta) dedicated to the start of the ‘attack’ on the first vessel of Italian nuclear power plants. 

 The TG1 news crew and the correspondent Giacinto Pinto went to the Campania power plant, where they were welcomed into the reactor building by Sogin Garigliano Decommissioning Manager Luca Savino

The dismantling of the vessel is a ‘very complex operation from an engineering point of view’, explained Savino, because the nuclear reaction took place in this steel vessel. To ensure maximum safety, operations take place under water, a natural element that shields radiation.

Another issue mentioned in the report is the management of radioactive waste, which is stored at the site ‘safely and under our supervision’, said Savino, before it is transferred to the National Repository as soon as availability is confirmed. 

A rerun of the news report is available on the RaiNews website at the following link (from minute 16:01 to 21:03).