Sogin: transparency operation - internal investigation towards conclusion

17 January 2022
The Company announces the first results of the procedure concerning administrative events that occurred in the past and that are not related to the decommissioning activities 

Sogin announces that, on its own initiative, an internal investigation has been carried out. Launched at the end of 2020, for economic and budgetary reasons, the scope of the investigation was to verify the correctness of the acquisition and management phases of contracts signed in the years 2010-2020. 

The Chief Executive Officer, Emanuele Fontani, at the helm of the Company since 12 December 2019, has been regularly updating the Board of Directors about the investigation progress, and has adopted self-cleaning actions, while strengthening the internal measures to guard legality. In this regard, eight statements of objection were delivered to as many employees, seven of which executives. The employees have been asked to provide information in order to clarify their position. “In the meantime, as a precaution, three of them were suspended from service. 

In order to ensure the functionality of the Offices connected to the involved employees, the Company has provisionally transferred the responsibilities which are, in any case, not directly connected to the decommissioning activities. 

Under total transparency considerations, the Sogin top management guarantees full cooperation with the competent Authorities and internal control bodies and, at the same time, is confident that the employees will be able to clarify their position in the short term. 

In the event that individual behaviors and responsibilities to the detriment of the Company are ascertained, the necessary further actions will be adopted to protect the reputation and integrity of the Company, which is committed every day to ensure safety for the citizens and the environment.