Sogin: The Government acknowledges Sogin's commitment and confirms the 2020-2025 plan

21 April 2022
The answer provided by the Government during yesterday's question time in the Chamber of Deputies confirms Sogin's commitment to accelerate the pace of decommissioning activities to reach more than 45% progress during this year.

As mentioned by the Ministry for Relations with Parliament - Federico D'Incà - the 2020-2025 Industrial Plan issued by the current Corporate Governance confirms the target EUR +900 Million set out by the Company for decommissioning activities. The work shall peak in 2022-2023 with the dismantling of Garigliano and Trino plants, the most complex works in engineering and operations.

A few days ago, a call for tender was launched to contract the works for the dismantling of the Garigliano nuclear power plant's 'core' - namely all activated metal components called internals - located inside the vessel (the building where the nuclear reaction took place during the plant operations).

The strategic objectives of the 2020-2025 Industrial Plan also feature a change in the organisational model allowing a significant improvement of core business performance and generating value for the country, also thanks to innovative and sustainable solutions applied to the radioactive waste management and based on circular economy. It is worth recalling that more than 90% of materials subject to decommissioning have been and shall be sent for recovery.

There is still much to do, but Sogin can finally fulfil the objectives set out for the medium and long-term and improve the national safety, environment, and economy.