Sogin’s top management takes part in the VIII Environment, Territory and Public Works Commission Hearing in the Chamber of Deputies

14 November 2023


Sogin’s top management executives President Carlo Massagli and CEO Gian Luca Artizzu were heard as experts at the VIII Environment, Territory and Public Works Commission Hearing in the Chamber of Deputies as part of the cycle of informal hearings on Proposal C 492 for amendments to Article 27 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 31 of 15 February 2010 regarding proceedings for ‘the identification of the area designated for the construction of the Technology Park and the National Repository for Low and Medium Intensity Radioactive Waste’ this morning. 

The Hearing provided an opportunity to inform House members of the updates in the ongoing process for siting the National Repository and Technology Park, while reaffirming Sogin's commitment as the entity entrusted by law with building and operating this nationally relevant and important infrastructure. The National Repository will allow all Italian radioactive waste from both the ongoing decommissioning of nuclear power plants and from the day-to-day activities of nuclear medicine, industry and research to be stored in a single site, including the waste produced to date and the waste that will be generated over the next 50 years from these non-energy uses. 

In his presentation, CEO Artizzu emphasised among other things how Sogin has always ensured the maximum safety of the nuclear sites in which it operates, its workers, and the general public thanks to the specialised know-how in the nuclear field acquired and developed over time, which today represents a unique source of expertise for the benefit of the entire Italian sector and the Government's energy strategy. 

As regards the law proposal at issue, Sogin sees the option of allowing municipalities to submit applications and offer themselves to host the National Depot as entirely feasible in terms of national, environmental, and radiation safety. 

A streaming video of the Hearings held on 14 November is available at​ The intervention by Sogin starts at 20:35.