SHARE Project, final results presented

28 February 2022
A seminar was held today to present the SHARE project results, Stakeholders-based Analysis of Research for Decommissioning, funded by the European Community under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Launched in June 2019, SHARE aims to develop a Strategic Research Agenda and Roadmap for future joint research projects to improve safety, reduce costs and minimise environmental impacts in decommissioning nuclear power plants. Research, development, and innovation needs were identified based on a consultation process with all stakeholders involved in the various phases of decommissioning and waste management, who were asked to respond to an online questionnaire.

The 224 responses received were analysed and discussed with the international scientific community during several workshops organised over the two years of the project. Following the analysis process, the activities to be developed in the coming years were identified and reported in the Strategic Research Agenda.

Sogin took part in two of the six sessions of the seminar, presenting the results and moderating the proceedings. In particular, Federica Pancotti, Head of Development and Technological Innovation, took part in the session entitled "Site preparatory activities and dismantling" and Rossella Sciacqua, an environmental engineer specialising in environmental remediation, in the session "Environmental remediation and site release".

The event was an opportunity to disseminate the project results, which will end at the end of March 2022 with the publication of the Roadmap.

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